Enable MAVftp to transfer lua scripts on my Raspberry


I’m developping a LUA script to control engines by using the RS232 communication. I have a Raspberry pi4 and a Navio card, and when connected to MissionPlanner, in the config menu i don’t have MAVftp. If i go into simultaion and select a firmware to run, MAVftp appears but i don’t have the APM, LOGS, terrain files.
How can i enable MAVftp and where do i upload the scripts i’ve done ?


MAVFtp is enabled by default. You can access the directory /var/lib/ardupilot by selecting MAVFtp in the Config Menu list.

You have to create scripts directory.

To enable Lua scripting set SCR_ENABLE to 1 but I cannot make it work… If you have positive result, share it with us.

Thanks, i found it but same problem as you i can’t make the script work i’ll dig into it