Enable DShot Telemetry


I am trying to get telemetry data from my ESC that uses DShot150. I am running the motor test function in mission planner in order to spin the motor.
I have checked the trace on the ‘S’ pin of the ESC and can see that the telemetry bit in the DShot packet is set to 0.

Can anyone help me to enable telemetry in mission planner?
I am using an APD F3 120 ESC, and Cube Orange flight controller


I cannot comprehend why it is easier to post here (btw in the wrong group) instead of reading the documentation…

I have previously read this page and followed the steps, but as you can see from my original post, the telemetry bit is set to 0, so the ESC will not respond with telemetry data.

You have bdshoot firmware uploaded (4.4.x)
You use the AUX1-4 for connection to the ESC
SERVO_BLH_BDMASK set to 3840
SERVO_DSHOT_ESC set to whatever blheli version your esc uses.

Note: This issue has nothing to do with Misson Planner, the telemetry is set up and processed on the flight controller. If that setup is not working then MP will not got anything.

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Hi Andras,

Thank you for your help. I have tried implementing those suggestions but this has not changed the telemetry bit of the DShot packet. I should have mentioned that I am not using bi-directional DShot so I am expecting to receive the telemetry packet on a separate wire.