Enable/disable SBAS with U-Blox

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find the way to enable/disable SBAS either with Mission Planner nor with U-Center.

Quoting from here: GNSS systems and GPS_GNSS_MODE

GPS_GNSS_MODE does work with a UBlox M8 (It was the original test target that the parameter was tested against, although it will also interact to a lesser extent with a NEO-7 for example). If this parameter is enabled it will override any settings you set with u-center.

The problem is that, if I make any change in MP, the configuration in U-Center doesn’t change. So let’s see an example of the issue I am having:

  • By default, I have no SBAS configured in U-Center nor MP.
  • I enable SBAS in MP. By doing that, SBAS should be ready to work, but in U-Center it is still the same: no SBAS.

Considering the quote from the other thread, I think that what he meant is that the configuration in MP is able to “filter” the messages from the U-Blox, but is not able to change the configuration. Thus, in this example although MP would not filter SBAS messages and would let them be used, U-Blox would not send them.

I would really appreciate any help with this topic. All I need is a way to enable/disable SBAS and be 100% sure I am doing it.

Thank you a lot in advance.