Enable/disable Ntrip client

I’ve just recently discovered that there is a nice Ntrip client in Mission Planner. It isn’t very much documented, but there is one and it works fine!

After using the Ntrip client for getting RTK corrections, I’ve decided to use the one in u-center (I have a u-blox GNSS). Unfortunately, my old setup doesn’t work anymore! I’ve been using u-center client for quite a while, but after few days of using the client in Mission Planner I can’t go back to my old client. How is that possible? Now the best I can get is 3D fix! :unamused:
Thanks to anyone who can help me understanding what I’m doing wrong!

i dont understand how you where ever using u-center in the first place. or im missing some of the steps you normally use

I have two simpleRTK2B by Ardusimple. I use one as a base and the other as a rover. They both have an Xbee radio, just like in the following picture:

The base module is getting the rtk corrections from the Ntrip server through usb cable and sending them to the rover module through the Xbee. That’s why I was using u-center. I know that using the simpleRTK2B just as a Xbee interface is a bit of an overkill, but it was working! Now it doesn’t anymore.