Empty log.gpx file in logs

I recently updated to APM 2.76 from 2.74 and I am no longer seeing data in the log.gpx file in the internal logs folder. Do I have to turn something on to see it?
What needs to be done in order to get the data back in gpx file? :question: .

Does not works for me also. :frowning:

Onboard log was always a “orphan child”. :slight_smile:



There is a problem with logs in arduplane 2.76 that will be fixed. I posted another problems wih logs here:

diydrones.com/forum/topics/apm-p … e=activity

And Andrew Tridgell told there “The missing log columns are because your log wrapped, which meant the FMT lines are missing. Those lines give the columns for the logs. The default columns in MP have not been updated for the new release yet. I have sent a patch to Michael to fix it.”

So hope that log problems would be resolved soon.


Seems you also get empty KML files from dataflash logs in 2.76.

Anyone know if it’s possible to kludge an existing 2.76 log back into a format that MP will be happy with? I’ve got a flight from which I need to geo-reference some images, so need either the KML or the GPX file. Looks easy enough to python parse the raw dataflash log’s GPS lines into the GPX format, but hoping to avoid the science project if someone can tell me an easy fix :wink:

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BTW, I ended up writing a python script to extract a GPX file, if anyone else needs that ahead of this being fixed, attached here:
diydrones.com/forum/topics/empty … plane-logs