Emlid Reach M2 onboard GPS interference

I am using a Matek M8q-5883 as an onboard GPS for my Skywalker X5 mapping drone. It is also equipped with an Emlid Reach M2 receiver that is intended to be used only for georeferencing of the images and triggering the camera. For flying, I rely only on the Matek GPS.

The problem I am encountering is interference between the Emlid Reach M2 and the Matek GPS - however only when the Reach M2 is in WiFi Hotspot mode. When my Reach M2 is turned on, I have been waiting as long as 30 minutes without getting a GPS fix from the Matek. However, when I disconnect the Reach from the power I get a reliable GPS fix within minutes every time. I found that the interference is caused by the Reach when it puts itself into WiFi Hotspot mode, as I do also get a fix when Reach is connected to a known WiFi network. I have also tested this issue with a Beitian BN220 GPS - with similar results.

As far as I know, it is not possible to prevent the Reach from entering Hotspot mode when it is not connected to a known WiFi network. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

You can manually turn off the hotspot each time from the ReachView app but I don’t think it’s possible to prevent the hotspot from turning on when the Reach is turned on.

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Why not just use the M2 for navigation as well?

I had some issues with the RTK inject options. Therefore it’s just easier to use another GPS. Emlid doesn’t recommend using the M2 as a primary GPS for navigation anyways.

Disabling the hotspot from the app worked, thanks!