Emergency stop at loss in mavproxy wireless connectivity

My current set up uses Mavproxy on a Raspberry pi to forward Mavlink packets from a laptop (running mission planner) to a Pixhawk over a wireless network.

I have an issue that when the wireless network drops out for the raspberry pi the rover continues moving forward, and does not stop until the wifi reconnects or I stop it and shut off the power.

Is there a configuration to stop the rover when the raspberry pi drops out?


- J-tt

Diagram of setup:

[Mission Planner] =Wifi> [Wifi Router] =Wifi (drops out here)=> [Mavproxy] =USB> [Pixhawk]

Well, without the wireless, the drone will keep on doing whatever you told it to so.

So either you need to implement some fail safe option on the pi for when wireless drops or run an auto mission so that the drone knows what to do next without the mission planner telling it what to do…

BTW, any specific reason for connecting over USB to the pixhawk?