Emergency motor shutdown without it setup

So I was flying about 10ft off the ground and all the sudden my quad dropped like a rock. The log had a message that stated “Emegency Shutdown All Motors”. How can this occur without setting it up?

without data flash log its very hard to the reason
please send logs of this flight

I will post the logs this afternoon. In the meantime what could trigger such an event?


it seems that you suddenly lost the power in air because your FC didn’t record any data of crash and altitude losing after motor stops

check battery cable and socket , power module and ESCs

Not sure how that could happen I have 2 power systems and backup on the servo rail?

Its most of the time happening from battery and connectors

Do you see any other potential probs? Motors being under powered?

Whatever supply you have connected to the servo rail is more stable and shows a better voltage level than your main supply (Vcc) - I’d look at swapping them.
Maybe you suffered a brownout because of that main supply (Vcc) because there’s a power safety flag that is changing (getting worse) but I’m yet to find and read up on it’s details and true meaning.

no motors doesn’t under powered

What tool are you guys using to analyze the log files?

i’m using APM planner

Thank you! The APM Planner log viewer is 100x better than Mission Planner!