EMAX BLHeli 30A OPTO esc


Newbie here in drone/uav/fpv/etc. world, please forgive my ignorance. I do have experience in the rc world but after 30 some years I only consider my self a seasoned newbie in that regard.

I’m currently building a HK S550 with following equipment;

hobbyking S550
6 x EMAX BLHeli 30A OPTO esc
6 x EMAX MT2216-810KV
HKpilot32/Copter V3.4.3
3DR gps
Spectrum AR6200-FrSKY D4R-II
2200 35c batt

It all seams to be working on the bench more or less but the first attempted test flights have not gone so well. when I gently raise the throttle it wants to roll over, usually to the left it seams. I have verified in mission planner and without that motors are spinning in correct direction and props are correct. My instincts gained from a small indoor quad and what I have read is that I just need to give the throttle a good whack up to at least 50% to get away from the ground 4 to 6 foot. I’m about to try that but I have some concerns about the esc wiring that I want to clarify as there is a ton of info I have found online that contradicts like mad and much of it is over my noggin.

First, exactly how to physically wire the EMAX BLHeli 30A OPTO esc w/out BEC to the PIX clone.
a. all three wires of all 6 esc to pix
b. no (+) or middle wire on any of the 6 esc
c. 1 (+) wires from 1 of the esc

I currently have all 3 wires connected on all 6 esc and seem to be getting the same results no matter a, b or c. Although in the current config (all 3 wires of all 6 esc connected) the test all motors in MP does nothing, I’m pretty sure it worked on b and c.

Then there is the issue of adding a bec. some say I need one but are not clear exactly how it should be wired. does it go between one of the esc and a MAIN OUT on the pix or from the batt to the MAIN OUT on the pix or some other?
I have a HKU3 UBEC 5v/3a, will this work?

I’m not yet running anything from the AUX OUT yet on the FC but plan to in the future, I believe this is where the bec will come in to play, is this correct?

Current set up is with the Spectrum satellite rx as I think it is simplifying the setup for now. I have done all or most of the same tests with the FrSky rx with same results.

Thanks for reading and any help.