Emax 4 in 1 ESC

Whatever I do I cannot calibrate the Emax 4 in 1 as the beeps do not agree with the instructions and whaever I try the motors just twitch but flick them and they start up, but obviously not in sync.
Have tried at different times during the tone sequence to no avail.
Am using an APM controller but also tried without.
Any advice welcome

It’s probably a copy of the Hobbywing Skywalker Quadro ESC, and as such it will happily run BLHeli firmware.
You can reprogram them either with a SiLabs ToolStick or with an arduino board.

You need to plug each ESCs signal wire directly into the receiver’s throttle channel one at a time. Then you can follow the calibration steps. Took me a while to figure that one out.

Fyi, here’s the Rx cable pinout

White-Motor Signal 1
White-Motor Signal 2
White-Motor Signal 3
White-Motor Signal 4
Red-BEC +