ELRS AirPort vs SIK

Hello all friends.
Does anyone have experience replacing SIK radio with ELRS AirPort?
Happy flying //YB

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Not yet, but I’ve ordered the new 915 MHz ELRS Tx and Rx from Radiomaster and plan to give it a try in the next month. I fly my planes with the 2.4 GHz ELRS now, so the 915MHz should give good radio separation.

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It is much nicer. Better range and higher speed. (2.4ghz)

I managed over 7km instead of a few hundred meters with EU-SIK at highest data rate.

I plan to switch to ELRS
Is ELRS Airport full mavlink ? I mean how many data drop

it is a transparent serial port like SIK radios. → standard mavlink.

Just following up on trying ELRS Airport on 915MHz while using 2,4 GHz ELRS for the RC link. It works, but I have been disappointed in the lag time between the attitude and sensors of the plane and how it is displayed on Mission Planner. I’ve mad a number of tweaks to MP parameters and Telemetry rates, but I still get a 2-3 sec lag time, so I’m very disappointed so far. If I can’t resolve this, I’ll be trying Bluetooth between my transmitter and my PC.