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Eliminate circles from Airports

(Eduard cabanas Gili) #1


I’m using my rover near from a dangerous area. But is it possible to eliminate in flight plan the circles of these alerts?

I think if I’m using a Rover, these warnings has not to be applied, no? and it’s very tough to plan a mission with these circles


(rmackay9) #2

Hi Eduard,

I guess this is QGC or Mission Planner? the warnings actually come from the ground station so it’s best to raise an issue in the issues list for those applications. So for Mission Planner the issues list is here and for QGC it is here I think.

(Eduard cabanas Gili) #3


Sorry about the puc but I tried in mission planner.


(rmackay9) #4

OK great. So I’ll leave you to raise an issue in the Mission Planner’s issue list if that’s OK.

(Eduard cabanas Gili) #5

ok, thank’s for your help

(David Boulanger) #6

In Mission Planner click on Config/Tuning, then Planner, And then un check the marks below layout.

(Eduard cabanas Gili) #7

Hi @David_Boulanger

Thank you very much, no has gone :wink: