Elevon Output on Non MAIN 1&2


ArduPlane 3.7.1 on both Pixhawk1 and Pixhawk2.1

After the Pixhawk2 service bulletin I moved MAIN 1 to MAIN 7 and set the RC7_FUNCTION to 4 (Aileron) but the ELEVON_OUTPUT does not effect MAIN 7.

The differential spoilers are also not mixing according to elevon_output. I have smaller tabs wired RC5&6 with RC5_FUNCTION=16 and RC6_FUNCTION=17 but they seem to work with left yaw only.

With main tabs connected to MAIN 1&2 and elevon_output set to UpDown, they work as expected but I can’t keep using MAIN 1 without the SB0001 fix.

Anyone got elevon mixing and differential spoilers working and if so, please pass on the wisdom.

Thanks, Tim

I have working differential spoilers on my fx-79, don`t know next step in order to help you.

Hi Andres, according to the docs, differential spoilers are not working on elevon_output. They do work on old style elevon mixing. Oh well.

I have working differential spoilers with elevon_output = 2, and everything works well on the work bench, still waiting for a maiden, will bring field feedback tomorrow or Monday.

Good luck! Hope maiden goes well. :slight_smile:

Hi weliwarmer,
Maiden was perfect, but the testing of the differential spoiler thingy didn’t…
After testing in the field the “rudder effect” of the differential spoilers is not working as expected (it causes the plane to dive violently to the desired side). I asume that this is why people says that differential spoilers are not working.
Differential spoilers at this moment only aplies mixing for 2 surfaces (if you yaw left, only left elevon and left “flap” are affected) and I suspect that only drag effects are programmed, not any “elevation compensation” is included, and definitely the stabilisation of the board cannot handle the results.
Also I couldn’t find any parameter to calibrate the differential spoiler mixing (other than the mixing itself), so I couldn’t play too much testing.
Maybe today or this week I can make a few more tries, but looks like I will forget about this feature…