Elevon oscillation plus compass problem

I have a Pixhawk on a large wing so using elevons. I ran Autotune and it seems pretty good but about 25 minutes into an Auto flight I got a bit of oscillation. being elevons it’s more difficult to tell if it’s roll or pitch but it looks like roll to me. Have a look at the video on YouTube https://youtu.be/yKi6KQ3VrBM

PID values after Autotune below too. Some well above recommended max.

2nd issue is after a few minutes into a flight I get the Error Compass Variance warning. The compass is configured OK (external only) and Onboard Mag Calibration completed. See photo below. Any ideas?


2nd issue is often caused by ones power wires too close to one of the compasses so it’s fine on the ground but creates a variation in flight.

Can’t view the video but wings especially big ones, can “zagi-flap” at speed, caused by the wing not being stiff enough or elevons having too much play.

Can you post a log?

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