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Elevon mixing not working

I have a DX8 transmitter set to normal wing setup - 1 servo for aileron and 1 for elevator.

My plane is a delta so of course when I move the stick to go up and down the right side moves, and left and right the left side moves.

I then check the box in Mission Planner for elevons but nothing changes - I still have the right control moving for pitch and the left control surface for roll. No sign of them working together.

My APM is a 2.6 with firmware 3.4.

How can I get them to work?

Your better off setting the parameters then check the boxes.

which value did you put in elevon mix ? I don’t do any mixes in my radio (just 1, 2, 3 th) and just put in MP value 3 for elevon mix and that’s it…play around with servo cable between elevator/aileron for right direccion…if direcion in not right go to radio calibration and use inverse servo for pitch etc…

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