Elevator channel not working on BG PixHawk 2.4.8

I have a Banggood Pixhawk 2.4.8( I know guys, it´s not a PH) and when setting it up on my Skywalker, the elevator channel is not working. I think i´ve read for many years ago that i can redirect this channel to an AUX port or one other Main out ports. Can someone please help me so I can test this as this is the first PH thats have som kind of error for years. I will also try it in a Phantom FX-61 wing if I get it to work properly.


Locate the Servo2_Function for Elevator, change it from Ele (19) to disabled (0) and assign this to a Servo9_Function which will be Aux chan 1

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Thanks Dave i´ll try it first thing in the morning.



A BG v2.4.8 is a real Pixhawk. I have 5 of them. Don’t let the old 3DR marketing techniques get to you.

A few assumptions are that your Main Outputs have a 5v source on them to feed the servos, you pressed the safety button, and, like Dave said, the SERVO2_FUNCTION is set to 19. Are other channels working?

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Hi Greg
There are 5volts on port 8 from a separate battery as I always have, and all other servos/channels are working.

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@GregCovey what makes it “real”?

The hardware and board design (pixhawk.org) makes it real, not the vendor. Pixhawks get made by a few places in China and then sold by multiple vendors. Some vendors may test their products more than others. The hardware is the same…the price varies. A Pixhawk originally cost $200 from 3DR and $100-$150 from other vendors. Now you can buy them for $51 with free shipping from a Banggood USA warehouse.

This offer is good through today.

The hardware is the same


Also, that offer you posted is missing a bunch of highly-recommended hardware that is included in other systems that “cost more” such as a current/voltage sensor, a gps, an sd card and a bunch of cables. How’s their support? Do they help you whatsoever? They’re yet another company that consumes open-source and does not contribute.

To compare price from a many years ago product to today’s copy/paste clone is disingenuous.

After dozen of hours lost with Chinese Pixhawk I prefer to buy Autopilots from Mrobotics .
They run quality tests over production and the boards are assembled in Usa.

They sale the x2.1 Rev 2 for just 80 $ and the bare-bone Pixhawk for 99,9 $

The support is great and Jordi was one of the founders of 3DR

I have 3 of them. Amazing board and cheap price !

Hi all
My BG Pixhawk is now in the garbage bin. I’ve tried the same configuration on two other PH’s and it works on both, so this BG PH can’t be trusted so I’m buying a new one.

Thanks for all replies.