Elevation Graph Wrong Offset

When using the Elevation Graph feature to check that I don’t hit a hill or a mountain, it appears that the GE elevation is not above ground (home), as indicated in the title, but rather above MSL.

This makes it very difficult to see if the flight path is safe.

Is it possible to either offset the flight path as MSL or adjust the GE elevation to altitude above home?


many thanks,


please fix your home altitude in MP

Thanks for the reply. I’ve change the altitude on the home location but something is still off.

Take the below example.

Home altitude is now set to 230m. The waypoints are 100m relative altitude. So on the Y scale of the graph below, “Elevation (m)”, it’s reporting AMSL, not “Elevation above ground” as reported on the graph title. This is not a train smash.

However, looking at the profile, it appears the ground profile varies between 80m and 100m, but if I check on google earth, ground level is 115m on the first waypoint and 237m on the second.


I feel like I’m about to do a facepalm but just can’t get clarity.