Elevation graph under maptools not working

In some areas is works, in others it doesn’t. Where it works, even if I don’t have internet it will use SRTM. In other areas, even with internet I get weird stuff like this attached photo. I know for sure there’s google earth data. The function is really hand for mapping when it works.

can you post the mission you used to get that?

Sure! This is a flight for a job next week with pretty much the same thing going on. Can’t remember where the polygon was for the one I post though. For some reason I can’t upload a text file for the mission so here’s a dropbox link:

dropbox.com/s/xxq6wz3jiwmko … 2.txt?dl=0

thanks for this, I did find an issue.

the srtm data the graph uses was using 1 arc second data, but that data only covers the USA, not canada, and the data just cuts off. so ive now removed support for 1 arc second data, and will use the global 3 arc second data.

this is in the current beta mp if you wanted to try it.