Ekm issues with Pixhawk

I’m running into an issue I’ve deduced to simply my own ignorance as I’ve purchased a new pixhawk and having the same issue. I can’t get the ekf2 filter to agree with everything and I don’t know how to configure it. I understand what it is and does, but I’ve gotten a new GPS and not sure where to go from here. My hud jumps around although the craft is stationary. I get good gps lock and decent hdop but I keep having GPS glitches and switching to a GPS flight mode fails. This is on a brand new board, new GPS and fresh install of arducopter. Calibrated the imu a dozen times, calibrated compass, etc. Nothing seems to help.

If your GPS position “jumps” more than 15 meters, it’s time to get a newer GPS.

It’s a brand new GPS (radiolink se100) and the 3rd one I’ve tried. I get the same ekf errors with all of them.

are you outside? How is the gps mounted? it needs to be away from high current stuff

The GPS configuration should be automatic so you don’t need to do anything. I have seen some RadioLink GPS modules that are susceptible to nearby RF interference. If you are using a 2.4GHz. R/C link with telemetry, try disabling the telemetry as a test. You can also raise the GPS puck above the other RF transmitters. On one model, I placed the GPS puck on top of the wing with copper tape underneath. It then worked perfectly.

Good luck!

Greg, that has been my experience as well so I’m not sure what is causing this. I am however running a telemetry module and I have wires running everywhere so I’ll try your suggestion. I have a i2c adapter, would using that clean up the signal?

I’m not sure what an I2C adapter is, did you mean an I2C splitter? I think I2C signals are fine and suspect RF interference. Also, Pete’s suggestion about isolating current wires is critical!

What is your GPS Sat count? HDOP?

The I2C bus is subject to noise and therefore long cables can definitely cause your problem.

Yep, interference from my telemetry module seemed to be the problem. It seems I’ve purchased a 500mw TX rather than my previous 100mw purchase. I guess the noise from it was enough to mess with the compass. I moved it as far away as I could and calibrated. SUCCESS!

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