EKF3 switching to DCM and back

We had a strange behaviour a few days before.
We run ArduPlane 4.1.0 this time. In the setup time, while on the ground, disarmed we got orientation changes and velocity error messages. We did not risk it to fly.
Our surroundings:
-Arduplane 4.1.0
-Pixhawk cube black
-EKF3 enabled
-Moving baseline configuration for orientation using 2 F9P modules (Drotek Sirius and Drotek DP0601)
-Compasses turned off becasue above reason
-Good GPS reception on both modules
The plane was disarmed so we got no onboard log, but have the telemetry log.
You can see that things boot up successfully. Around the 63% of the log, about 12:36 recorded time the plane starts to rotate slowly and after a 180 degree turn thing falling apart. EKF and DCM is switching back and forth.
Is this a known issue patched in 4.1.2? Is it safe(r than this) to upgrade?

Please our telemetry logfile here.

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It looks like similar things are happening even with 4.1.2 : EKF3 Lane Switch - almost a FRIDAY FAIL