EKF3 Lane Switch 1 No GPS

Hello guys. I have crashed my quad because message “EKF3 lane switch 1” and crashed.

What I use :

  1. Mission Planner 4.3.7
  2. ESC 4in1 BLHELI32 T-motor
  3. Intel realsense T265
  4. Cube Orange+

There is my log
parameter crash pake orange_realsense baru_blheli32.param (17.4 KB)

That is not a .bin log file. That is a parameter file.

oh my god, I’m sorry, wait, I’ll upload the .bin log

One thing we can learn from the parameters file is this craft should have never left the ground. All parameters seem to be at default w/o even the Initial Tune Parameters being configured.

yes, I use all default parameter
when I poshold, its fine
but when guided mode, the mission planner’s message “EKF3 Lane Switch 1”

I don’t think this is ever the case. It’s why the Initial Tune Parameters are in the Mandatory Hardware section of Mission Planner.
Fix your craft, set these parameters and then make an initial pre-tuning flight to collect some data to continue with tuning.