EKF3 and EKF2 do not work without GPS in arduplane #20769


I noticed that in arduplane EKF3 and EKF2 does not without GPS but it started in arducopter after starting autopilot. i need EKF for calculating accurate roll, pith and yaw in VTOL FW during hovering without GPS . also i think by losing GPS we need EKF.

How can i change the parameters or ardupilot code to enable EKF without GPS ?


Forget about EKF2. Concentrate on EKF3.

Have you tryed following the copter instructions Non-GPS Navigation — Copter documentation but using a plane FW instead?

I think @moreba is just trying to use Plane without a GPS attached and he doesn’t need autonomous flight, just manual flight.

I don’t think anything needs to be done @moreba. The EKF is always enabled and it will provide roll, pitch and yaw without a GPS. If you really wanted to completely disable the use of the GPS by the EKF you could set EK3_SRC1_POSXY = 0, EK3_SRC1_VELXY = 0.

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Thanks for the correction @rmackay9

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I think in arduplane when i don’t use GPS EKF not enabled or not using. because after fast movement of autopilot by my hand and put it on desk roll and pitch are not zero. also in qgroundcontrol software i don’t receive AHRS EKF3 active and tilt alignment complete messages.
I changed those parameters and did not affected. in arducopter without GPS EKF3 works but in arduplane without GPS EKF3 dont works but i need it.

in arduplane 4.2 code :

Screenshot from 2022-05-16 12-58-01

in arducpter 4.1.5 :

Screenshot from 2022-05-16 12-53-45

Hi @moreba,

I’m not very knowledgeable re Plane so I’ll leave this discussion and investigation to @tridge, @peterbarker and others…

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I found it in code :

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Is there a solution for this issue ? I am trying to fly without compass and GPS. The idea is to only use the IMU to stabilize the plane. But I am getting the issue “EKF2 not started” (I switched to EKF2 since I don’t have the GPS).

Is this actually possible ?