EKF2 still initializing

Hello to everybody.
I´m a newbie. I´m trying to test a pixhak 2 + CubeBlack in indoor and i am getting the message “PreArm: EFK2 still initializing” and i can´t arm or takeoff. What are I doing wrong?

Don’t move the copter until the EKF has settled.

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Hello Mike, thank you for your answer.
I always wait long without moving the pixhawk but the message does not go away.
If I wait long enough will the message disappear?
A greeting.

I have this happen on odd occasions
Try picking it up and doing a rotate.
fixed it for me.

Hello Mike. I’ll try.
Thank you.

Did that work?


I had this message today. Never seen it before.
The copter was on the ground not moving and then powered up. The power up doesn’t move the machine and after a few minutes it still didn’t clear. So I packed it up and took it home.

Never mind I found it was a bad GPS cable.