EKF Velocity Variance Error Definition

Hi guys.
I´m facing a problem with Error velocity variance. On copter or quadplace there is FS_EKF_THRESHOLD_DEFAULT, to increase the threshold - there is something on Plane?
How can I increase the EKF Velocity variance threshold for plane?
I´m having several problems when the airspeed - in case of a downward loiter sometimes the velocity is up to 25 m/s and the Error velocity variance error and the plane is doing unexpected behaviors - like landing in a hard way.

I would check the GPS at first glance. And then move up to recalibration of accelerometer and compass. Also without log file it’s hard to find a conclusion. Type of frame. Location of your installed GPS would all help.

Hi @JackJavan

this plane already flew several times, and last time loitering before landing this problem happens - so this is not case of sensors recalibration once is clear there are something related to EKF once on the telemetry logs I could see when is detected the velocity variance error the plane have several unwanted behaviors - for instance taking off I had cases of this velocity variance error (once the EKF index is above the 0.8 - and instead to take off the plane dove hiting the ground.
I was looking the WIND_MAX parameter to see if this can help me in something.