EKF primary changed :1

What does the EKF primary changed :1 mean??

Firmware 3.4.5

It means the EKF has switched from using the core 0 (with information from IMU 1) to using core 1 (with information from IMU 2).

Is this a problem?

Should i do something , like from the start callibrations?

It’s not the usual, but it’s impossible for someone to tell if it is a problem without looking at a log.


I’ve had this message come up regularly in Mission Planner with a new build I’ve just recently completed.

I’m happy to post a .bin file if that would be useful in diagnosing what the potential issue might be (if there is one)?

Thanks, Tom

It’s better to create your own topic with the log and any issue you might have seen.

Thanks, will do. Apologies if I’ve gone against the usual way things are done.

Cheers, Tom

No problem Tom. You could also post here but there’s a chance it will go unseen, so better to do a new topic.