Ekf not working

H ello there!
I was starting to calibrating my Pixhawk and a Ublox Neo m8n (only parts I have, at the moment). But I keep getting these two errors, all the time: “velocity_horiz Off” and “pos_horiz_abs Off” in Red. Here’s a screenshot of it.

Also, unrelated, but the GPS HDOP was a bit high (values upto 4-5) but that maybe because the GPS module is very close to fc on the calibration rig I made. Last time I tried, I got 8 sats with 2.8 hdop. I’ll try again in my society complex’s garden (till now I’ve tested it in my balcony).
I was wondering how would fix this error? Thankyou.

Probably not unrelated. If you’re indoors, or surrounded by tall buildings the GPS is not getting a satisfactory position data. Once the GPS establishes the position information well enough the EKF warnings should clear.

I didn’t know that. Thanks! Yes. I’ve been trying indoors…