EKF/Normalised GPS Innovations (Spikes and EKF2 IMU 1 switching to compass 1 / 0)

The topic says all:

  • The flight went all ok, from start to finish, but i got in half way this ‘‘EKF2 IMU 1 switching to compass 1 / 0’’, and after analyse the log i saw that the EKF/Normalised GPS Innovations got a spike before the switching to compass 1 / 0. Why? Any idea?

  • I started the flight in a concrete area but i didnt got any interference in GPS or other kind of warning.

  • The flight was above (70m) a city with alot of bulidings with antennas, could it be a reason for the EKF spikes?

  • How recommended is to re-done calibrations (Compass and Accelerometer) overtime? Im still using the original calibration from 1 year or so.


And btw why is my autoflight with this bug in the way point (red), since i didnt had that in my plan?

  • https://i.imgur.com/N7zrkzt.jpg

  • Quadcopter with Here+ RTK GPS, V3.5.5, the CG is a little bit off (i know). Have already more then 20/30h flying with this setup.