EKF Failsafe - Can someone analize this log?

Can someone with EKF knowledge give me a hand at understanding where the EKF errors occurred? Maybe a way to keep them from occurring again?

Ok well it happened again. Everything fine in test. I sent it on a simple waypoint mission to test again and it had yet another EKF error in the log. The result was a crash on a house rooftop. I have a video and flight logs.



Any help would sure be appreciated. This bird is grounded till I get this figured out.

I think I might have figured it out after watching the video showing the EKF working under simulation. Mine did exactly the same thing.


I added a vtx as well as a few other things and did not recalibrate it after I made the changes. The compass basically got confused and attempted a flyaway. The EKF created a fail safe condition when it detected it was not doing what it was programmed to do. When that happened it tried to land. Because I did not perform a auto trim (level), it did not descend in a straight line like it should. Basically I screwed up twice. It did everything it could to fix itself but due to my screw ups had no idea where it was.

Maybe someone could take a quick look and verify my findings before I try this again.


I remembered you had an EKF issue and just came across this

planner.ardupilot.com/wiki/commo … g_Log_Data

looks like EKF1 is gyro related.