EKF failed causes Hold when turn fence action as hold

I set fence_action to Hold, when EKF is failed, it changes mode to Hold.

How is FS_EKF_ACTION set?

…and why are you trying to continue driving on a failed EKF?

…and why are you still using Rover 4.1?

thanks Yuri response.

  1. FS_EKF_ACTION is set HOLD.
  2. sometime temporary EKF is failed in short time, then fence_action by HOLD cause the rover hold. I want to temporary EKF fail in short time, it can recover by itself then rover can continue driving.
  3. I have a lot of customized code in 4.1. I will merge to latest version when I have time.

There’s your answer, then. It has nothing to do with fences.

Maybe increase the failsafe threshold value (FS_EKF_THRESH)?

Otherwise, address the root cause of the failures. I almost never experience EKF failsafes on any of my ArduPilot projects unless something is actually wrong.

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I will try FS_EKF_THRESH.
BTW, how to set turn a curve like a circle (round).
For example, two parallel waypoint lines between 3 or 5 meter distance, when turn 180 degree from one to another.
I tried multiple waypoints at end of line as circle. But it still turn sharply by an angle. Due to the waypoints too close it ignored them.

I found references

Curved paths aren’t yet supported.

For your question, why still use 4.1, because the GPS time is wrong above 4.2 when I use two rtk GPS. I have posted this issue before, not sure this issue is fixed or not.

@Yuri_Rage in the YouTube video mower, it uses separate steering and throttle or skid mode, if it is separate steering and throttle, the mower can go backward?
I built a rover is separate steering and throttle, it can’t move backward by manual mode.
If this way can’t backward moving, how to avoid obstacles or fence when closer them.

Lack of reversal has nothing to do with any of that.

First, make sure you’re using a reversible ESC.

Next, make sure that your RC and servo trim parameters are set properly.