EKF err crash ck on bench test

I have 3.52 copter loaded with default settings on pixhawk.on bench with no props.
I keep getting ekf error crash when testing without the props on.When I switch modes to say
pos hold especially.Compass calibrated,accels calibrated,radio calibrated.Also,I have Xrotor pro
40 amp opto esc’s. Can someone take a look at the included dataflash log and possibly come up with the
cause of the behavior?2017-09-07 07-08-43.bin (978.9 KB)

That kind of bench testing without props on never works. The only valid tests are running Motor Test to make sure the motors are turning in the correct directions, and running Compass Motor Calibration to set compass offset compensation values.

The deal is, when you arm the motors with no props on and raise the throttle, Pixhawk “thinks” the aircraft is trying to fly, and the EKF “pukes” from bad data…

Please take a look at C1,C2,C3,AND C4. C3 looks strange

Logs from bench testing are meaningless.

Put props on it and go fly it…

SOLVED! I put the props om and took off in stabalize mode and she flew great.Switched to pos hold and the same,flew great.Thanks for your input.