EKF, EK(F)2, EK(F)3, etc. What is the difference

I’m new to Pixhawk and are presently setting up a fixed wing.

I’m comparing the parameters of my Pixhawk with another one, which I have available and I have a question about the EKF parameters.

In my Pixhawk I have a set of EK2_ parameters (I suppose related to EKF2), while in the other PIxhawk I just see a EKF_ set of parameters.

I have been searching, but I really do not find an explanation about that the difference between EKF, EK2 (and EK3, etc) are.

Can someone share a Link with a respective explanation about what these different EKF parameters represent?


Ok, I found this: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/apm-plane-3-5-1beta1-released
I suppose this is the answer to part of my question.

What I do not understand is, what is then EK3?


EKF3 is a newer version of the Extended Kalman Filter. At the present moment is an optional setting, but if the testing goes smoothly and we verify on the field and with users that it’s performance is better than EKF2 it will eventually replace it.

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