EKF / DCM Fail - Pixhawk

So after upgrading and starting to fly again, I’m having a ton of issues with this error. The vibrations at the end of my log are when I land. I don’t have any landing gear and I’m trying to figure out this issue. I can’t figure out if my board is completed trashed and isn’t reading right or what. I recalibrated 1,000 samples 5 times and this issue keeps occurring. I’m using a pixhawk purchased Aug 2014 with external 3DR gps module, standard f450 motors and ESCS. The external module is mounted on the arm/main top board with the esc away from it.

The issue seems to happen every time I get close to the ground though I haven’t had a lot of sustained flights.

I’ve attached two logs, and the alt R and other values seem to be way off. Even after doing many recalibrations, it still seems to go way off and the main warnings I see in the data auto analysis is mag field issues.