EK3_SRCn_YAW values

Can anyone help shed some light on the functionality of the values related to EK3_SRCn_YAW?

Rover 4.1 dev

0 - None - self explanatory I think
1 - Compass - is this a stand alone compass or the compass onboard a Here3 GPS for example?
2 - GPS - is this from the onboard compass on a Here3 GPS for example or heading derived from GPS direction of travel or a dual GPS moving baseline setup?
3 - GPS with compass fallback - same as above but which setup does it fall back to? If running a moving baseline setup with all compasses disabled, does it still run a compass in the background as backup?
6 - ExternalNav - is this from a moving baseline setup or external INS or vision system?
8 - GSF - yaw angle derived from IMU and GPS velocity data using a Gaussian Sum Filter

I’m interested in this in relation to a setup using an external moving baseline system feeding Ardurover yaw as NMEA GPHDT and a Here3 GPS and compass as a backup should the external system go down or be rebooted.

Also, the documentation section on EK3_MAG_CAL mentions that for Rover 4.1+ that these settings are depreciated to the above EK3_SRCn_YAW settings. They are both present in Rover 4.1. If I want external yaw backed up by compass do I go for:

EK3_MAG_CAL = 2? (never, default for rover)
EK3_SRC1_YAW = 3? (GPS with compass fallback)
EK3_SRC2_YAW = 1? (compass) or is the wrong use of SRC2?

I should add that I’ve tried this kind of setup and think the heading is coming in ok via NMEA GPHDT but I get constant ‘Bad compass health’ messages. Not sure if that has something to do with an incorrect parameter somewhere.

Thanks in advance!

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