EK2_RNG_USE_SPD is Lidar used only during LAND mode?

The EK2_RNG_USE_SPD with his small possible values of 2.0 - 6.0 meters per second makes no sense to me on a plane.

The range finder will not be used as the primary height source when the horizontal ground speed is greater than this value.

Almost no plane can fly at less than 6 m/s while it make sense for a copter
I guess that this parameter is not used during AUTO mode but perhaps only during plane landing.

It could be useful if someone want to fly close to ground using a range finder but the value must be increased to an higher value , lets say 20 m/s

I have the fully same problem. How could work autoland lack of the RNG information?

I have abandoned UAV planes.
It should and could work but IMO there is not a real will to make it .

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I have wondered this too. It seems like the 2-6 m/s limit suggestion is for Copter rather than Plane. Can anyone confirm that this value should be much higher for Plane to use during Autoland?

To use rangefinder for automatic landing, set RNGFND_LANDING 1

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