EK2 message on HUD

I’m getting this EK2: Changed EK2GPS_TYPE_TYPE to 1 pop up in the HUD. In my full params list it’s set to 0. Is there something wrong?

Went outside for some testing. The odd time it stays a 0, but usually get the EK2 message and the params confirm EK2_GPS_TYPE has been changed to 1.

This is what the source code says for when that message is sent:

if we have a 3D fix with no vertical velocity and
EK2_GPS_TYPE=0 then change it to 1. It means the GPS is not
capable of giving a vertical velocity

Without a log and without knowing more about your system it is hard to say more.

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It’s a Pixhack with a CUAV Ublox MEO-M8N GPS. I was a little concerned as it’s piloting a 1300mm X8 with 28" props lol. Anything out of the ordinary should be addressed. Especially when carrying the Phoenix lidar unit : ) I’ve got a shot log where it’s changed to type 1.

Here’s the bin link: