Ehang - Flight Controller Arducopter V3.3

Hi All, New here so sorry if this is the wrong area to post this… So Ehang has jumped out of the personal drone market and is now I am assuming going to stop supporting their million or so drones in the world. I managed to pickup 5 of this little guys at an auction in various states, so in my continous tinkering I had to pull the thing apart to see what is salvagleable and what needs to go… so I am hoping to install Arducopter XXX on the flight controller and use a different controller for the piloting the drone… here is what I know…
I pulled the flight controller and it is a STM32F427 @24khz processor and seems to have Canbus, IC2, Udart controllers setup. The battery is a udart serial connection that I am still working on reading the outputs.
I managed to install Arducopter 3.3 on the fight controller and can terminal connect to the controller and seems that most of the commands work with some tweaking… So starting the conversation has anyone had any success in editing the firmware? I am trying to avoid the custom firmware editing and uploading but think it might be the only option for these drones.

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Hello John,
I read your message in ARDUPILOT forum.
I am very interested to talk to you about the Ehang drones and what you found out. I am sitting here in Germany and my English is not so good, sorry!

Hello. I’m also interested in re-programing the Ehang drone. Can you show me how you installed Arducopter? Are there any updates on making the drone work? Thank you