Eflite Apprentice 30 Amp Pro ESC

Hi people!

I managed to save an EFlite Apprentice from the bin, and of course I will install Ardupilot on it.

This model comes with an E-Flite 30-Amp Brushless Pro Esc (https://www.horizonhobby.com/on/demandware.static/Sites-horizon-us-Site/Sites-horizon-master/default/Manuals/EFL30AProBrushlessESCInstSheet.pdff) which actually looks like a very decent hardware; and I will be connecting SpeedyBeeF405Wing.

With previous old-type budget ESCs I had lots of headaches, and ended up getting a BLHeli one.

Does anyone know if this ESC will work with ArduPilot (I am in version 4.4.0)? It will save me mutilating the ESC and a lot of soldering, and I will end up doing the fun part (config and flying).