Eflite 80A ESC failed to armed

This is my first build for a quad copter using Pixhawk and I’m currently using Eflite 52 motors and Eflite 1080FLA 80A ESCs configuration. (Yes, i was originally planning to use it to carry some payload).
While testing the hardware, I was able to flash the Pixhawk with Ardu 3.2.x and calibrate the ESC with the Spektrum receiver. However, when I tried to test it with battery on (using 2x 3C 11.1V in series) It failed to arm. The Pixhawk was fully functioning and the power connection was verified. I tried to change the setting of the pulse for the control from 1100-1900 but it still not engaging. Safety switch was pressed after connecting to power. Anyone have any wisdom to share in this situation? Thank you.

you may have to bring your thro. end pt low setting down enough so the esc detects low thro.
I had to do this with a CC 120 HV ESC, but was done thru a mix on a traditional heli with a variable thro.