Effect of EKF Lane Switch on Harmonic Notch Filter

Are the parameters governing harmonic notch filters dependent on which IMU (lane) is active?

If so - could a lane switch inactivate a notch filter?

I’m using an Orange Cube - which switches to the 2nd IMU on boot up. (I can’t remember exactly what causes that - but I believe it’s in response to a known issue the Orange Cube’s 1st IMU)

My INS_LOG_BAT_MASK is set to log IMU 1. (the first IMU) Perhaps this is wrong - as the Orange Cube boots up with a switch to the 2nd IMU.

And if there were to be a EKF lane switch - would this disable a notch filter if only one is being used?

Would setting LOG_BAT_MASK to include all three IMU’s resolve any issue?

Thank you for any suggestions or direction.

This shouldnt be an issue. The harmonic notch filter should be using the accel/vibration data from whichever is the active IMU. I think the HNOTCH processing is a bit higher up in the stack than individual hardware.

I dont believe INS_LOG_BAT_MASK plays a role in flight, it’s only for logging data.

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