Edit an existing Survey (Grid) waypoint file

Is there a way to edit an existing Survey (Grid) waypoint file? There are times when I’m on location and need to adjust one or more parameters and each time I go into the Survey (Grid) screen, it resets to a default path rather than the one I had created earlier.

For example, I might set the speed or Angle parameters to something other than the defaults for a particular flight path, then once on site, need to tweak one of those. Currently, it just reverts back to an automated best guess at what would be ideal for the polygon.



After accepting the mission from the grid tool, I save it and then load it on-site. When I have to edit the mission, I load the file and edit it without using the grid tool. Sometimes I delete part of the mission and need to add a waypoint to start or finish in a way that makes sense.

So, you’re adjusting the individual lines/commands at the bottom of the screen in Mission Planner? For a relative newbie like myself, I can see how I could really mess things up that way. The grid tool is such an intuitive method for me. I’m sure that at some point, once I’m fluent in the line by line parameters, I’ll be able to tweak from there, but it would be so nice to have the option to edit in the grid tool.


1- You can change the screen layout in MP so that the mission command lines are on the side. It’s much easier to see everything that way.
2- I change speeds and altitudes in the command lines.
3- You can click on individual waypoints on the mission map and move or delete them.