EDF Octacopter with Pixhawk 2 Poshold takeoff issue

I managed to get the EDF Octacopter off the ground. However before it takes off, it tend to want to head towards the ground.

Truth is, if not for the fact it was EDF based, I would not have been able to stop it tumbling. Once of the ground, it seems ok though with noticeable yaw without prompting.

Is it a vibration issue or an EMI issue.

Also I am curious, does vibration issues also result in toilet bowling effect?
Or is it restricted to EMI on compass?

that’s awesome - my favourite thing this week!
Tuning is going to be a challenge.

Thanks. The drone drains power.
Autotune is impossible as the battery would run out of juice.

Maybe I can just use educated manual PID tuning?

You seemed to have control in the video, so perhaps some short flights with a couple of maneuvers in each direction, in stabilized, pos hold and loiter, then post logs and see if someone can help?
The spool up/down time of the EDF’s is what I’m unsure about: I don’t know how this will be handled, but expect it will be a quite unique tune.