Ecs Calibration not fixed and board is not armed

hello to all ,
I am using ardupilot 2.8 with mission planner 1.3.32 with latest firmware of quad copter (arducopter 3.2.1) after all the calibration , radio , accel , compass ,level and fail safe when i am trying to lift off my quad it is not flying and after giving throttle of about 30% it is flying to forward and going crash.
Unfortunately the sticks roll pitch yaw are also not responding so i can to balance it and making throttle zero.
and it requires esc calibration when ever disconnect battery i probably think the apm is not armed .
the components of fpv mini quadcopter are
apm 2.8
radio flysky 6 channel
motors emax 2200KV
battery 2200mah
ecs simon 12 A
propellers 5x3 ( 3 blade propellers)

flysky 6 channel tx/rx radio with apm connection

apm pin radio pin
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
4 4
5 5
6 6
I am attaching the calibrations files also .
please give me a proper solution of my problem

Thanks in advance