Eclipse run configuration

hello everybody
when i try to run the targets with eclipse it seem that i should fixe the run configuration before run , but i was confused i dont know what application should i use exactly
the picture below will explain better

please someone help me whoat should I put in c/c++ application

@sahar_slimani and I talked separately and I suggested for now trying WSL.

However, for completeness here is some info. on the WAF build process in general and how to use that via Eclipse. To get made for the wiki soon.

You shouldn’t need to set anything in there for our basic eclipse setup.

Create the different targets under, “Build Targets” on the right side of the window.
Described here

Here is how the waf build process works at a high-level:

  1. Configure

  2. Build

  3. Run the binary or upload the binary to your board

  4. Clean: the project when needed

  5. First you configure your project by running the configure for your board type and options. Configure WAF for the correct board type

    • --board=sitl
    • Add relevant options such as --debug
    • List options with ./waf --help
  • Eclipse: double click the target configure --board=sitl --debug
  • Command line in ardupilot root folder: ./waf configure --board=sitl --debug
  1. Once configured correctly then build for the appropriate target for say Arducopter,
  • Eclipse: double click the target copter
  • Command line: ./waf copter
    • Note you can upload the compiled binary to a plugged in board by using
      • `./waf copter --upload’ (doesn’t work in WSL2 currently)
  1. If you are building for sitl you can run the binary directly “not recommended” unless you have specific need such as debugging startup tasks like object construction
    Using is far easier as it can combine all of the above steps: See here

  2. Clean the project this removes all of the objects files under ardupilot/build/*

  • Eclipse: double click the target clean
  • Command line: ./waf clean
    To remove all of the build folders and data if ./waf clean didn’t work
  • Eclipse: double click target distclean
  • Command line: ./waf distcelan

Help for using waf on command line can be accessed via ./waf --help

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