Easy switching from X8 to X4

Hi all
I have a an X8 frame where arms can be replaced and become an X4.
X8 motor configuration has been done following ardupilot tutorials therefore the correct motor sequence become A-C-E-G for the upper motors and B-D-F-H for the bottom motors (as described here http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connecting-the-escs-and-motors/)
Now, I installed the X4 firmware , I would have expected the correct sequence of the motors. so clockwise A-B-C-D, instead C and D are switched.

what would be the best configuration ? I would like to avoid to unplug motor PWM cable to correct motor sequence, so what would be the consequence of using the X8 configuration with just 4 motors?
…obviusly autotune must be redone

Solved! :smiley:

Please elaborate. I plan to try doing the same.

this may not be the best solution, but it works for my purposes.
When I have to switch from X8 to X4 config I simply reload the paramenters and that’s all. You don’t need to change the firmware from quad x to x8.
Off course you need to fine tuning your quad x4 running the x8 firmware, but once done you will be fine

I wonder how to do that the opposite way from x4 to x8. I have a quad at x4 and i would like to make it x8

Again, the same way, just load a new parameter set.

Both X4 and X8 parameter sets only include the subset of parameters that need to change.

Can you point out where i can find info on this. What i am worried is the PID. I am sacred to crash the drone. Do you think the PID will remain the same.

No, the PID will not remain the same. You need to do this to be on the safe side. Google is your friend. Parameter files are simple text files that can be edited with any text editor.

Thank you so much, for the reply.

What do you think about the initial parameter listed below:

Will this remain the same.

  1. Yes - if motors, ESCs and props are all the same
  2. Maybee - if the noise profile dos not change between configurations
  3. Maybee - if the noise profile dos not change between configurations

Isnt this the one for a single motor and this is kept as it is from intial tune and has not been changed for the X4. It is also wired to change that cause, since in the wiki it says: Do a bench test and find out. Well my idea was if it flies for the x4 from start and not needed to change why should we change that for the X8

These are also the same from intial tune to the final work. Nothing is changed and why do we need to change cause in the wiki it only talks about the propeller size not the single or coaxial.

What do you think? Cause i am not able find anything although i am trying to google these things.

My bad, I read MOT_THST_HOVER where you wrote MOT_THST_EXPO. I have edited my response above.

Thank you so much for the response. It is always great to get help.