Easy switching from X8 to X4

Hi all
I have a an X8 frame where arms can be replaced and become an X4.
X8 motor configuration has been done following ardupilot tutorials therefore the correct motor sequence become A-C-E-G for the upper motors and B-D-F-H for the bottom motors (as described here http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connecting-the-escs-and-motors/)
Now, I installed the X4 firmware , I would have expected the correct sequence of the motors. so clockwise A-B-C-D, instead C and D are switched.

what would be the best configuration ? I would like to avoid to unplug motor PWM cable to correct motor sequence, so what would be the consequence of using the X8 configuration with just 4 motors?
…obviusly autotune must be redone

Solved! :smiley:

Please elaborate. I plan to try doing the same.

this may not be the best solution, but it works for my purposes.
When I have to switch from X8 to X4 config I simply reload the paramenters and that’s all. You don’t need to change the firmware from quad x to x8.
Off course you need to fine tuning your quad x4 running the x8 firmware, but once done you will be fine