Easy SITL for Windows Users

After running the CanberraUAV workshop last month, I found that a many Windows users are not experienced or confident using terminal commands to set up the Ardupilot SITL environment.

So I’ve made a set of automated scripts to install and run the SITL environment on any Windows computer.

The scripts can be downloaded from https://github.com/stephendade/SimpleSITL, along with the instructions (there’s a couple of steps!).

In essence, the scripts automatically:
-Download and install Cygwin with the correct packages for Ardupilot SITL
-Download and build JSBSim for Ardupilot:Plane SITL
-Download and configure the Ardupilot source code

The scripts should (hopefully) work on any Windows computer.

More information about using SITL can be found in the Ardupilot documentation

Any additional features of bugs - let me know. Or send me a pull request on Github :slight_smile:


thanks Stephen!
would you consider adding these to Tools/WindowsSITL directory in ArduPilot git tree?

As an update, I’ve re-done the install script in PowerShell format. Now it’s 1 single script to download and install everything. Much simpler!

Yep, I’ll do a pull request sometime during the week :slight_smile: