EASA Launches Groundbreaking Survey for Drone Manufacturers in the EU

In an exciting development for the European drone industry, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has recently initiated a pioneering survey specifically targeting unmanned aircraft system (UAS) manufacturers. This survey is a significant step forward in understanding and shaping the future of the rapidly evolving drone market in the European Union.

EASA’s Vision and the Survey’s Purpose

The primary goal of this survey is to gather comprehensive data regarding current trends and project the future growth trajectory of the drone domain within the EU’s civil market. The insights gained from this initiative will play a crucial role in guiding the development of future regulatory frameworks pertaining to UAS.

Who Should Participate?

EASA is reaching out to a broad spectrum of manufacturers. This includes those involved in designing drones, creating kits for drone enhancement, and providers of additional systems such as parachutes and flight termination systems. The agency emphasizes the importance of participation from manufacturers who design drones and kits intended for “professional” activities.

The Survey’s Scope and Significance

Developed as part of the subtask 2 of RMT 0729, as outlined in EPAS Volume II - 2023 edition, this survey is meticulously structured to capture a wide array of information. It aims to assess the number and variety of drone models currently active in the EU civil market. Moreover, it seeks to estimate the potential growth and evolution of this market.

A crucial aspect of this survey is its focus on the development of kits by manufacturers (other than drone manufacturers) intended for installation on drones. These kits are designed to either reduce impact dynamics, like parachute systems (e.g., M2 as defined in SORA), or provide enhanced containment solutions such as flight termination systems (as defined in STEP 9 of SORA).

Your Contribution Matters

If you are a drone or kit manufacturer, your input is invaluable. Your responses will directly contribute to shaping the future landscape of drone operations and regulations within the European Union. Participation in this survey not only benefits the broader industry but also offers an opportunity for your voice to be heard in the formation of policies that could impact your business.

Deadline and Submission Details
The deadline for submitting your response is February 9, 2024. EASA encourages all relevant stakeholders to participate and share their insights. You can submit your responses to the survey via the provided link.


This survey represents a unique opportunity for UAS manufacturers to influence the future of drone regulations and market trends in the EU. EASA’s initiative underscores the importance of industry input in shaping policies that are both effective and conducive to innovation. As the drone industry continues to grow and evolve, collaborations like these are crucial for ensuring a safe, efficient, and forward-looking aviation sector.