Eagle Tree Airspeed Sensor, Need some help please

Hello, Since the 3DR airspeed sensor has been out of stock in my area for a while, I picked up a couple of Eagle Tree airspeed sensors. I configured them for “3rd party” through the e-logger. Took a i2c DF13 4pos cable and wired the appropriate wires. Question I have: is there anything I need to setup in the configuration (besides what I do for my 3DR sensors) that will make this work? I have the HUD output set to MPH and nothing when I blow into the tube. when I hook the 3DR AS sensor up up all good. Anyone could help or has experience with this combo?

Many thanks in advance


UPDATE: I got the eagle tree sensor to work BUT when I blow into the tube …with all my 3dr sensors I can blow up to 240MPH. I cannot get past 50 MPH with eagle tree. **Does the Eagle tree sensor only display in Mission planner in meters/second measurement? Any help would be appriciated. I am using a arspd ratio of 2 for now. Thank you Jeff

Do you have a link to the airspeed sensor preferably with technical information?
Have you read this page
specifically the calibration section?
Thanks, Grant.

Hello legend1996,
Did you solve the above issue?
I am planning to buy the sensor for my Pixhawk 2.1.
Thanks in advance.