Eachine ROTG01 UVC reciver mission planner error

hi all, i have purchased an echine ROTG01 UVC reciver. im using mission planner 1.3.7 and tried 1.3.71 and got the following error: camera fail: the parameter is incorect. mission planner and windows are recognizing it as a usb camera. i tried it on a computer at work with mission planner 1.3.7 and it works fine. maybe its a driver issue? i tried updating the driver but windows said i have the most latest driver installed.

can you try changing the video format’s and see if any of those work?

I’ll try, but on a different computer with the same version it works. And thanks for the reply by the way.

@Michael_Oborne i tried changing the video formats still got the same error. again, this reciver worked in a different computer using the same mission planner version, so maybe its a driver issue on my PC? i tried updating the drive via the device manager but it said i have the latest driver installed and it had no rollback option enabeld.