E32-433T30D1B LoRa Modules with Pixhawk

Hello everyone, I am thinking to use these LoRa modules as they are cheap and 8000m range(I don’t know if it is that long). Will they workout well? And are LoRa modules even compatible with Pixhawk?

E32-433T30D_Usermanual_EN_v1.9(1).pdf (961.3 KB)

@amilcarlucas plz help

It seams to be compatible. Try it out and post the results.

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Sure thanks I’ll try it
Making the PCB now

You just need to make sure that the data input to this module is in this format, then this LoRa module can work properly:
9600bps baud rate
8 data bit
None parity
1 stop bit

About the longest transmission distance, the ideal maximum transmission distance of 1W module is 8km to 10km, but there are conditions to achieve this distance, the test conditions are clear and open without obstacles, maximum power, air speed 2.4Kbps, 5dBi suction cup antenna, antenna height from the ground 2m.

It should be noted that the suction cup antenna should be adsorbed on the metal surface, so it can’t be used on the drone, but with the glue stick antenna, the transmission distance will be much shorter, there is no way to reach 8km.

The maximum airspeed of this module is 19.2kbps, so it does not support image and video transmission.

While If you are looking for a cost effective image and data transmission link with a distance of about 1 km, then we have a $200 or less option to recommend to you: Videos on YouTube
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