E32-433-30 module problem

I’d just trying to set up E32-433-30 modules for telemetry communications between drone and ground station.

So, the link is established and I can obtain correct data in QGC.
The problem is refresh rate very slow and I see very big packages lost percentage (around 93%)
Also the strange thing is drone side module is always hot but ground module is cold.
Another problem is drone doesn’t react on QGC commands
Swapping modules doesn’t have effect.

Please recommend any ways to solve.

It is a low speed simplex radio module with max 19.2kbps and 58 byte packet length. It is not suitable for telemetry without any flow control or TDM. The problem is that the drone side continuously transmit and because of no tdm in the module, this blocks the channel for any upcoming traffic.

If you insist on cheap Chinese radio modules then use E62-433T30D http://www.ebyte.com/en/product-view-news.aspx?id=224 this is a full blown FHSS/TDM module with 64k air data rate. However you can do yourself a favor and get an RFDesign 868x module…


Thank you very much!